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As a way of saying thanks, here's a coupon code to get 35% off any plan just for the guys and gals that took the time to help us out. This is valid for the life of your subscription. 🙂

Bn Web

Lead Pastor

Brandon Nichols

Faithmade has been a lifesaver for us. They provided us with a beautiful site that perfectly meets our needs. If you're looking for a great team to put together a great site for your church, Faithmade is for you.

Start saving  Time and money when you switch to Faithmade

Stop wasting resources on tools that weren't built for your church. Create your Faithmade account and have a new site that fits your church. Or, create your account and let us build it for you!

Step One

Create Your Faithmade Account

Select the plan (Base, Plus or Pro) with features that best your church and needs. If you have questions let us know! 

We also offer several 'addons' covering everything from sermon migration, strategy session, search engine optimization and more.

Step Two

Select Your Onboarding Path

We want your Faithmade experience to be tailored to your needs.

So, we provide three "onboarding" paths to get you up and running, all the way from full DIY to us rebuilding your site on our platform. Choose the one that works best for you and your team!

Step Three

Customize your site

We call it 'move in ready' for a reason. Time to move in, paint the walls and add your own furniture. Once you sign up you can immediately begin changing out my logos, colors, links and content with your own.

If you selected the onboarding path where we build the site, you'll schedule a time where we can get all the deets and content to move over. 

Step Four

Turn the lights on

Once you've customized your site (or approved our designs) it's time to turn the lights on. Now you can add your billing details from your Account tab, connect your own domain to the site, and add your site to things like Google Analytics and Search Console. 

If you get hung up on the nerd stuff, just click the chat bubble in your dashboard and we'll get you squared away.