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Planting a church is hard enough. Let us handle the website for you.

We'll get you up and running in no time.

  • Get started with a ready made 'Pray, Give Go' page.
  • You've got funds to raise. Send donors to your new giving page.
  • You've got a launch team to build. Help people sign up on your team page.
  • You've got vision nights to cast. Clearly display your upcoming stuff in style.
  • Easily hide or unpublish any pages that you don't need yet.
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Lead Pastor - Church Planter

Brandon Nichols

Faithmade has been a lifesaver for us. They provided us with a beautiful site that perfectly meets our needs. If you're looking for a great team to put together a great site for your church, Faithmade is for you.

Send in this form and we'll be in touch with you directly about our church planter discount. 🙂

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