Everything your church needs in a webiste.

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  • Sermons
  • Next Steps
  • Groups
  • Giving
  • Events
  • Church Hub
  • ChMS Integration
  • Church Funnels
Bn Web

Lead Pastor

Brandon Nichols

Faithmade has been a lifesaver for us. They provided us with a beautiful site that perfectly meets our needs. If you're looking for a great team to put together a great site for your church, Faithmade is for you.


Pixel perfect church websites that just make sense.

  • All the built in tools and pages a church needs to create a more than functional website.
  • No complicated software that you spend hours being frustrated with.
  • Fully managed hosting and care. Never worry about the nerdy side of websites ever again.
  • Carefully written "ready to go" content to use as a launching pad for your own.
  • Clear discipship paths all the way from first time guests to serving on a team and everything in between.

Church Centric

We're in ministry too! Our entire platform has tools that are focused on you and your ministry, built from our 'boots on the ground' experience. 

Drag & Drop

Use our simple drag and drop page builder to change out our content with your own and use our saved templates to create pages of your own! Easy peasy.

Get Started Asap

Our "move in ready" site have a simple customizer to update your fonts, logos, colors, social media and contact info in a few clicks. 

Always Ready

our website is always fast, optimized, and healthy. We handle everything on the backend nerd stuff, from updates to security to backups so you never have to worry about it again.

Simple Dashboard

We've simplified everything so you only see what you want to see, making it easier to do the things you need to. No more messy dashboards with useless info and a billion update notifications.

Stellar Support

Our video tutorials are detailed and easy to follow along with, but if you get hung up trying to do something, or want to request a changes, we have support (chat or email) built into your dashboard.


Showcase your sermons in style right on your website, create podcasts with a click and effortlessly attach study guides and notes.

  • Beautiful layouts for your sermon library and series archives built into your website.
  • Keep visitors on your site and stop losing SEO juice by always linking out to another sermon provider.
  • A custom sermon player that that displays your audio and video based on whatever type of media you're using.
  • Easily create a podcast feed that updates automatically in just a few clicks.
  • BYOP. If you already podcast elswhere, you can bring your own podcast player by dropping the code in when making a sermon.
  • Discipleship matters. Easily attach notes, downloads and resources to your sermons.
Next Steps

A clear next steps path that create engagement in every place and system that counts.

  • Pre-made forms for popular next steps such as serving, leading a group, growth track RSVP and baptism.
  • Ready to go written content around each next step that you can easily tweak and edit for your church to use.
  • A next steps structure that makes it easy to create your own pages and forms around next steps unique to your church.
  • Easy to use announcement bar and "bottom bubble" to keep visitors in the loop.
Small Groups

Circles are better than rows. Help your church find theirs.

  • Add filters for location, weekday, group type and more.
  • We automatically connect group interest forms to your group leader's email address.
  • Integrate with PCO to sync your groups to your Faithmade site.
  • Customizable, 'ready to go' written content explaining what small groups are and FAQ's we regularly see.
  • Pre-made 'Lead a Group' form for potential leaders and ready to go FAQ's leaders might have.
  • If you want to use your 3rd party groups listing, no worries. Just replace our group finder link with yours.
Giving Center

Add any giving solution for distraction free generoisty.

  • Drop in a link or embed for whatever giving solution you use. Automatically works with either.
  • Encourage giving more effectively with dedicated giving areas that are easy to follow along with.
  • Toggle areas for options like text to give and app downloads.
  • Automatically update any place that giving is listed on your site.

An Events list that doesn't look like it's stuck in 2004.

  • Customized grid layouts display your events in a way that engages website visitors.
  • No all events are created equal. Highlight featured events with the click of a button.
  • We also have a few 'built in checkboxes' for those pesky 'after each service' or 'at each location' kind of events.
  • On our Church Plus plan you can set it and forget it with recurring events. *you got the George Foreman reference, right?*
  • Link out to whatever event registration you use, or use a built in form on Faithmade to handle RSVP info.
  • No more old events still showing. We automagically hide past events and clean up event areas if no events are coming up.
Hub Cards

Use Faithmade's Hub as your "From the STage" page.

  • One central page to visually feature everything happening in the life of your church.
  • Don't send people to a million links. Use our church hub as your 'from the stage' website that houses your most important upcoming events and next steps.
  • Create a list of upcoming events, resources, sermon notes, announcements and more.
  • Quickly add connection cards and other cards related to any next step you'd like.
  • Throw the hub on an iPad and boom you have a ready made Kiosk for people to connect with.