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Over the next few months ChurchThemes will become Faithmade as we rebrand to create a better focus and intentionality around what we create. 

AS part of the rebrand we are offering an exclusive discount to users.

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Hey There!

I'm Andrew

A few years ago I was a huge fan of both and As an agency owner we specialized in custom websites for non-profits, but that also put our work at a price point that many churches just couldn't afford.

I loved that Faithmade was a great alternative as a "move in ready" type website. I loved that they used a similar toolset to myself and I was low-key jealous of their amazing branding and work! 🙂 

Fast forward to July 2019 I discovered that because of time constraints and budget needs over the past few years that the previous Faithmade team were selling the brand along with ChurchThemes which belonged to Faithmade as well, just as a separate in-house brand. It felt like a God moment for me, as I'd had my eye on it for a few years! 

I didn't inherit any 'active clients' on Faithmade as it hasn't been active for a few years now. But what I did inherit was a beautiful brand and an amazing concept I believe will help hundreds of churches. The first step we are taking in rebuilding Faithmade from the ground up is to effectively merge Church Themes with Faithmade and rebrand it all just under the Faithmade name. 

The big thing this means is that we will no longer support ChurchTheme themes going forward. Looking at the Facebook page, there haven't been any posts since 2017 and there hasn't been a website for a while either. This probably isn't a huge surprise and I would imagine most have moved on from these themes by now. If not, I would love to help you find a theme I recommend, design a new custom site for you, or maybe move you to Faithmade when we have our first new site ready to go. There will be a special introductory plan for all ChurchTheme users that sign up to be notified.

Below are a few FAQ's related to this merge. Also, here is my direct email if you have any questions or concerns. 

Will you still sell and support ChurchThemes themes?

Short answer. No. 

Support has not been offered for a few years even before we acquired Faithmade and ChurchThemes.

It was kind of a happy surprise to discover that by purchasing Faithmade actually included the ChurchThemes audience as well!

Considering we are focusing on Faithmade's 'move in ready' websites, we will be merging the two brands and offering an introductory discount to ChurchThemes users and personally migrating their website content if they desire us to do so. 

What discount are you giving to ChurchThemes users?

We have not settled on a pricing structure for Faithmade yet. But I expect the discount will be somewhere in the 25-40% range for a Faithmade subscription. 

Remember, you get SO MUCH more than a simple theme when you use Faithmade. We use the same tools for our Faithmade sites that we do for custom sites. All in all you're getting about $2500 a year worth of tools and hosting for a fraction of that when you subscribe, as well as amazing support.

What is Faithmade?

Faithmade is a church website builder that helps your visitors take next-steps and helps your team not feel overwhelmed. 

When you being with Faithmade you get a "move in ready" website designed to same specs and excellence as our custom websites. All you have to do is change out our colors, words, and pictures with your own and voila. You're ready to go!

Presently we are working on church specific tools like sermon management, small groups, event management, staff/team listing, easy downloadable resource areas (for small group leaders or kids min for example), and a 'church hub' for from the stage/Sunday morning direction. 

Once we get these done and launch we will begin work on podcasting and deeper integrations with your ChMS for giving, groups and events.

Are ChurchThemes and Faithmade different companies?

Turns out the previous owners of Faithmade acquired ChurchThemes, but kept them as two separate products serving different audiences. So, one company utilizing two different and separate brands. 

We feel we can best serve you by merging these two and focusing on creating a whole website platform (think Squarespace for Churches) as opposed to just a theme.

When will Faithmade be ready?

Keep in mind, we are rebuilding from the ground up. 

We believe that 'done' is better than 'perfect.' Which means as soon as we finish rebuilding the church specific functionality of sermons, groups, teams, and hub cards we will build our first site template and you can sign up! 

Tentatively, this is two months away. 🙂