Church Funnels Survey

Written by Andrew Peters

May 3, 2021

Finally, your website is the easiest part of your week.

Can we be honest for second? The people that make up your community probably aren’t googling your church and getting excited about Sunday.

They’re scrolling through Facebook or Google looking for help with different things online. So many churches fall prey to ‘ain’t we something’ advertising. We spin how great our services are, how great the preaching is and tout our overdone ‘Welcome Home’ taglines.


  • Jill the single mother is looking for tips on how to help her kids survive her recent divorce.
  • Kevin and Nikki are trying to figure out some of the best places to visit after moving to your city.
  • Mike needs to know how to set boundaries and manage his teenager’s screen time.
  • Kiara is having a faith crisis and needs meaningful answers to her questions.

What if you could meet people where they are, in the tension of real life and faith, instead of just hoping they visit your site, think your church is great and show up on a Sunday?

That’s what we are building with Church Funnels, but we need your help. Church Funnels will be included in our Church Plus plan (along with ChMS integrations), and later as an add-on to our Base Plan, but we want you to help pick the first funnels we create.

But…what is a church funnel?

Church Funnels are ready made marketing tools that help your church answer the questions people in your community are asking.

So, here’s how it goes (or could go).

  1. You set up a Facebook ad targeting recently divorced people in a 10 mile radius of your church using our ad graphics and copy.
  2. They click through to a landing page that you’ve added in a few seconds by importing it from the Faithmade library and then tweaking it to match your church and context.
  3. They sign up to download a PDF about how their family can thrive after a divorce. These will be available for you to link to or make a copy of (to add your logos and lingo) directly from your Faithmade dashboard. They will sign up via whatever email client you have connected to Faithmade. We prefer MailerLite.
  4. They are sent a drip campaign over the course of several days or weeks. We write the copy and make it available to you and show you how to set up an automated campaign.
  5. The last email has a call to action that makes it easy for them to reach out to whoever on your staff they would speak to about divorce care.

Funnels are something we’ve used for years in marketing to help small businesses turn strangers into customers. But we’ve also worked with several churches and used ‘funnels’ to help turn strangers into visitors. People seem to get funny around the words marketing and funnels when applied to church but I gotta be honest. I will do and create anything short of sin to get people in front of someone who can help them on their faith journey.

And that’s exactly what a ‘Church Funnel’ is! A step you are helping someone take in their faith journey, in hopes that they’ll allow you to be a part of it. And I hope you’ll let us at Faithmade be a part of helping you do that too!

So how can you help?

You can help us ‘focus’ our ideas about Church Funnels and decide on the first five we provide. We will release them quarterly going forward. Just fill out the form below and help us settle on the first few Church Funnels that we will provide!

Church Funnels Survey

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