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Before we launch we need to learn the best way to serve your church.

Option One

The DIY Option

You select the site, change out your content, and connect your domain/analytics. Faithmade is here for support, but you can handle the details using our video tutorials.  

Option Two

A Bit of Both

You select your site, add your content/colors/branding using our video tutorials. Then when you're ready, we can schedule a call and Faithmade will connect your domain and handle the other nerd stuff. Around a two day turn around time once we chat and get your domain details.

Option Three

Full Setup

You select your site and schedule an on boarding call from your dashboard. Once we chat Faithmade will build your website using your existing content/logos/color guide. After you review and approve we will connect your domain and setup the other 'nerd stuff.' Around a one week turn around time. 

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After reading through the Three Options for onboarding and site setup, select the one that best fits your church needs!

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