Podcast Spotlight: Using Metrics to Make Better Church Website Decisions

Are you wondering how you can make your current church website better? Or perhaps what tools you should be using to improve your church website?

Back in January, one of our co-founders, Brad Miller was a guest on the Pro Church Podcast. This session focused on using metrics to make better website decisions for your church.

If these questions are dancing around your head, I recommend to check out the podcast. You will learn about tools you might want to look into when optimizing your current site.

In this podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why design and user experience is so important
  • How to improve upon your current church website
  • How to use metrics to make important decisions
  • Tools you can use to improve your user’s experience
  • One way to improve your church website today

In this podcast, you will also learn the passion behind building Faithmade and the time it saves when building a website for your church.


Listen Now Pro Church Podcast, Session #95

Using Metrics To Make Better Church Website Decisions

Pro Church Tools hosted by Brady Shearer. The podcast that helps you grow your church and engage your community.


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